ElecTurSys is a wind turbine complex failure mode monitoring system associated with electrical and control system failures through applying recent modern technologies innovatively, e.g., intelligent sensors, data acquisition, signal processing, and pattern recognition along with the existing technologies to economically perform diagnosis and prognosis of electrical system failures for wind turbines.


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Karsten Moholt AS is Norway's largest electromechanical workshop. We serve industrial, shipping and the offshore industry and have more than 200 highly qualified employees in numerous fields. Our versatile services include repair of electric motors and generators, full maintenance services as well as condition monitoring for oil and shipping industries including tasks onshore, offshore and underwater. ur condition monitoring services include vibration analysis, thermography, particle counting in oil for industry and offshore, electrical testing of motors and generators, analysis of electrical equipment and other. We also provide courses and training on condition monitoring. Our key strengths are technology, competence and versatility. We provide 24-hours services around the world.


  • Signal Processing Libraries: Transforms signals to increase the efficiency of analysis
  • Early Warning and Prediction: Alerts when predictive signals are found, or anomalies are detected using signal processing, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms.
  • Remaining Useful Life Calculation: Statistical methods find the number of hours, days, months pf normal operation remaining for an asset.
  • Mobile and Customized visualization: using a cloud-based platform to show alerts and KPIs.


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